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About LifePhotos

I love the photography simply because it gives me a chance to capture all those magical family moments. I have always loved being outdoors and shooting landscapes.


But all this has shifted a little bit, when my beautiful daughter was born. Like any wrapped parent, I snapped lots of those special moments, that I wanted to remember forever. I found myself creatively transition towards family, wedding and children photography.


Just being able to capture all those amazing and pure emotions which only a small child can give you, those special bonds between parents and children, all this made me love photography even more.


I have photographed more then 100 weddings, and there is nothing better than spending the special day with the bride and groom from early morning preparations till late evening celebration and capturing all these different emotions.


I treasure the feeling I have when I deliver my work, its very hard to be described, but it always gives me chills and I am full of emotions and positive energy!

What inspires me

Photography is the art of frozen time… the ability to store emotions and feelings within a frame.


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